At Empower Law, social responsibility is not a trendy buzzword, but our way of life in every sense. Besides serving our clients, we give back to our community and the greater world through our philanthropic activities.

Three current initiatives by Empower Law demonstrate how we are putting our principles into action.

First, in an initiative geared toward immigrants and their families, we are creating a foundation to mentor young, aspiring attorneys by sponsoring scholarships and initiating programs that provide educational and career opportunities for people otherwise limited in their home countries. These scholarships contribute to the development of the next generation of lawyers in our community, embody our social ideal of inclusion, and promote cultural diversity. These funds would also positively impact the lives of individuals by providing the financial stability here and abroad in the years needed to acquire a legal education.

Second, there are always those who will try to exploit vulnerable populations; unfortunately human trafficking still continues around the globe. Exploiters prey in part on an individual's quest for a better life, with the result a lifetime of servitude and futility for many. We take it as our duty to make justice available to these individuals who simply do not have the financial means to secure competent counsel. Thus, Empower Law has established as an objective that fully ten percent of its cases will be performed at greatly reduced fees. Such cases will relate to human trafficking issues and will be prioritized on the basis of greatest need.

Lastly. Empower Law is making a special effort to help women and children involved in the sex trade in Southeast Asia (such as the Philippines), by re-instilling in them a sense of dignity, value and worth. Such individuals initially become entangled in a life of sexual servitude as a means of survival for themselves, their children, and families in their original place of birth. Empower Law's efforts will specifically focus on those working for sex-cam operations who wish to return to school, complete their college education, and seek greater employment opportunities.

A percentage of Empower Law's revenues will be set aside in an endowment for the purpose of identifying and aiding those who have the aptitude and drive to continue their education if proper support and resources were provided.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." -Albert Pike

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Empower Law - Meeting with Jane Goodall where she encouraged me to listen to my heart as I pursue my goals to serve humanity, fight for human rights and against the oppression of vulnerable populations.


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