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Eric A. Jones, founder of Empower Law, knows that for legal issues to truly make a difference in people's lives, change begins with the human heart. He keenly understands the fears, wants, motives, and needs of those most affected by immigration law, and he passionately advocates for human rights, including immigration reform, improved detention standards, asylum and refugee compliance, and stopping human trafficking.

Jones is also uniquely positioned to influence both US and international legal policy with his involvement in the ABA's Rule of Law (ROL) Letter process. The ROL letter process expresses the Association's concerns about alleged intimidation, harassment, or abuse of lawyers, judges, and human rights advocates by foreign governments. The ABA sends these letters, which contain independent research, facts, and analysis of human rights law applicable to each case, directly to these governments, their heads of state, and to the US Secretary of State.

Jones facilitates what becomes ABA policy through the adoption of Reports and Recommendations (R&R) presented in the ABA's House of Delegates. In this R&R process, Jones is part of an ABA leadership team which identifies policy initiatives that further and uphold the best ideals of the legal profession and the rule of law. In turn this affects the US Senate's ratification of treaties and passages, rejection of legislation, or even recommendations on United Nations action.

To this end, Jones has served or currently serves on the ABA Section of International Laws (SIL) Council, the Commission on Immigration, the SIL Human Rights Committee, the Immigration and Naturalization Committee, and the United Nations International Institutions Coordinating Committee.

"The trouble is that not enough people have come together with the firm determination to live the things which they say they believe." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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