Empower Law is a legal firm unlike any other.

We not only take our professional responsibilities in assisting our clients seriously, but our firm also looks actively and creatively outward to the community at large to assume its fair share of corporate social responsibility and ways to contribute there.

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Empower Law provides services related to immigration, business, and family law.


We specialize in immigration law for both individuals seeking to live and work in the United States and for American businesses looking to legally employ individuals from other countries.

We serve our diverse community by assisting immigrants, their families, and Americans who are married to immigrants. Our clients take huge personal and financial risks to pursue their dreams, often leaving behind established positions and status. Our passion is to help our clients navigate the sometimes complicated immigration process as quickly and easily as possible, with compassion, integrity, and respect.

Business Law

We assist corporations and businesses with a wide variety of legal services, including employment-based immigration compliance, contracts, company formation education, and counseling.

We love collaborating with business clients who are diverse, progressive, innovative, and dedicated to sustainable, non-exploitive working practices; international fair trade; and environmental and social awareness.

Our goal is to help your business serve humanity and prosper to its fullest potential while protecting you from legal traps.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -Thomas Edison

Family Law

At Empower Law we believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. We recognize that family law disputes should be dealt with in a manner designed to protect and preserve the dignity of all the parties. We strive to negotiate in a civilized way and to encourage our clients and their spouses to put their differences aside and reach fair agreements. Experience shows that such agreed solutions are more likely to work in the long term, particularly when children are involved, than any arrangements imposed by a court. It's about what is right versus what one's rights are.

"Unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent." - Jimmy Carter

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"Three years ago I got an exciting job offer at the school I am currently working at. However, being a foreigner, I couldn't legally work here in the US without a work permit (H1-B visa). The head teacher at my school recommended Eric Jones, who was also handling her case at the time. Before talking to Mr. Jones, I had already talked to a couple of lawyers. But all I got was pessimism and uncertainty from all of them. Needless to say, I did not expect much from the next lawyer I was about to meet with. However, I was pleasantly surprised by what followed. Mr. Jones took over my case only after he was one-hundred-percent sure and positive of the outcome. It lifted my spirits to know that I was in good hands.

Mr. Jones is a very optimistic person. He is confident, straightforward, knowledgeable, and collected. He treats each client as a family member. No matter how many times you call him, he is always there with a calm attitude and smile on his face, ever ready to serve you. He always returned my calls promptly. He assured me that I would not have to worry and that he would handle everything. I must say that my case progressed exactly as he said it would ... he was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions uncomplainingly. I had great representation and I really felt like he cared about me. That means a lot when an attorney is not just looking at the dollar sign. I am very impressed with his work. His firm really knows what they are doing and I would refer them to anyone. Thank you Eric for a marvelous job on my case. You made the impossible POSSIBLE!"

— Laila Kabani

"We obtained my wife's green card approval with the help of Eric's excellent legal services. Eric walked us through the entire process from end to end, and he prepared us for the expected as well as the unexpected. Eric is one of the kindest, friendliest, and most honorable attorneys we have ever obtained legal services from. His honesty and integrity is truly in a class of its own, and we will definitely maintain our relationship with him for our future legal needs."

— LaVonte Elegan

"I have had several attempts to write a glowing testimony for your web site. Every time I have written something, it's sounded so corny-I'm still working on it. How do you say Eric Jones saved my life for real! And the other ones I wrote sounded like a commercial... If you are even looking at this web site, you do need Eric Jones-I am standing here because of him. I wrote about how I was detained out of state and Eric got me out and helped my family deal with the situation emotionally. He is better than a lawyer... he is a superstar to not just me but to everyone I know across the globe (and it's true that you now have many fans, Eric)!"

— Carlie Fisher

"With all heart and sincere gratitude to Mr. Eric Jones and his law firm that made it possible for me to get my permanent residency status [Green card] after being in the United States over 13 years, I am writing this personal testimony for others not to lose hope in adjusting their immigration status in the United States.

Empower Law firm believes in preserving and fighting for the dignity of the human persona despite the legal issues. Every time I visited Mr. Jones's office, I felt welcome and taken into consideration with my thoughts and opinions about my own case and others.

I want to thank Mr. Jones for always taking in consideration what was best for me when he consulted with other professionals to make a decision on my case. My life has changed for the better and now it has a sense of direction to help others in my limited capacities to promote social justice, not to lose their hope to life and pursuit of happiness in the United States.

Mr. Jones's tenacity and strong advocacy between the criminal justice system, US government, and the Department of Immigration restored the hope that was lost in me. Mr. Jones advocated for my human and civil rights, as he understood the permanent implications that my deportation to El Salvador would imply for my life."

— Jose

"Dear Mr. Jones,

I would like to express my appreciation for having had the opportunity to utilize your services as an attorney in my effort to regularize my status in the United States. … I was fascinated by the promptness with which you responded to me and then you gave me all the information that I needed to know.

You continue to provide me with all the support needed, which includes completing all the paperwork that needed to be done and submitting it to the Homeland Security. … I got my Employment Authorization few months ago which gave me the opportunity to get employment in the US. Now my application for change of status has been approved. I have been granted permanent resident status.

Thanks to you and your staff."

— Omar Gaye

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About Eric A. Jones

Empower Law - Brief Meeting with then Senator Hillary Clinton before she became Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while attending meetings in Washington DC.

Empower Law - Eric Jones with the Chief Judges of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit & Court for International Trade, as he is admitted to both of these courts.

Empower Law - Reception in honor of Richard Jones, brother of Quincy Jones the musician, celebrating Richard's confirmation as a Federal District Court Judge in Seattle Washington.

Empower Law - Eric Jones encourages Marcelas Owens to follow his dreams at Healthcare Victory celebration.

Eric A. Jones

Eric A. Jones is the founder of the law firm, Empower Law PLLC. Mr. Jones practice focuses on Immigration and Business Development issues for clients all over the world, from Eastern Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

He obtained his Bachelors in International Studies from the School For International Training where his focus was on Central American and Soviet issues. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga School of Law in Spokane Washington, where he focused on International Human Rights law.

He is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA). He was appointed in 2010 as a Commissioner on the ABA Commission on Law and Aging. He served from August 2003 to 2006 as a Commissioner on the ABA Commission on Immigration. He was appointed Vice-Chair of the ABA Section of International Law's Human Rights Committee (2009 to Present). He served as Vice-Chair of the ABA Section of International Law's Immigration and Naturalization Committee & Vice Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (2007-2010). Prior to this he served as the ABA Young Lawyers Division Liaison to the ABA Section of International Law. He also formerly served the ABA YLD as a Vice-Chair of their International Law Committee.

Mr. Jones is a member of the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA). He currently serves on the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission. He was the Chair of the WSBA's Young Lawyers Legislative Committee. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, where he served as Co-Chair of the Washington State Chapters Young Lawyers.

Mr. Jones is admitted to practice law before all State Courts in Washington, all Federal Immigration Courts, the US District Court-Western District of Washington, US Court of International Trade, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the US Bankruptcy Court-Western District of Washington.

Mr. Jones has been named a Fellow to the American Bar Foundation. The Fellows is an honorary organization of attorneys, judges and law professors whose professional, public and private careers have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the welfare of their communities and to the highest principles of the legal profession.

Established in 1955, The Fellows encourage and support the research program of the American Bar Foundation. The objective of the Foundation is the improvement of the legal system through research concerning the law, the administration of justice, and the legal profession. The Fellows are limited to one third of one percent of lawyers licensed to practice in each jurisdiction. Members are nominated by Fellows in their jurisdiction and elected by the Board of the American Bar Foundation.

Each Fellow must be recognized as a person of outstanding achievement and of high character in the jurisdiction or nation in which such Fellow practices or is entitled to practice as a lawyer, judge, teacher, or legal scholar.

Mr. Jones is also a member of the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission and the Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts.

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Eric A. Jones

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